Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning

A recent bout of spring cleaning has inspired me to get creative with some of my old garments and craft supplies. Here are a few DIY projects I've been trying:


A tremendously trendy remedy for recycling old t-shirts! All you need is your tee of choice, and a sharp pair of scissors. For full instructions check out "PSImadethis.com" (http://psimadethis.com/post/117053343)

Lauren Conrad's spring fashion line includes light-weight tees with pretty floral designs. They are being sold for the outrageous price of $34.00 - at Kohl's nonetheless! (which is, in my opinion, a notoriously poor-quality department store). Instead of getting ripped off, I decided to paint my own pattern of roses on a clean white tee-shirt using fabric paints.

Ever since the headband trend hit the U.S. and beyond, I've been eager to create some headbands of my own! These ones I created from strips of fabric that I rolled into rosettes and secured with hot glue. I'm thinking of selling them on ETSY.com ? What do you think?


Meredith said...

loooove it!

Elena said...

LOVE the headbands and tee! If you post on etsy, I will def. be game for a headband or two . . . especially if you feel inclined to make some daffodils ;)